Have a vision. Be demanding.

Colin Powell



Boston is a city of firsts. From the very beginning of American history, with the shot heard around the world, the people of Boston and Massachusetts have taken pride in being at the forefront of innovation and revolutionary civic planning.

The first public library, the first African American Meeting House, the first public school, the first subway, the first public garden - the lists of Boston firsts are lengthy and are hallmarks of Boston’s commitment to the health and well being of its citizens. As a city, we should take collective pride in our achievements. And as a city, we must share collective shame in the lack of economic opportunity within our minority communities. In January 2016, the Brookings Institute named Boston as the city with the highest income inequality overlap, making Boston first at being worst.

It is my mission to help tip that balance and be a catalyst that helps position Boston as a leader in the fight against income inequality by facilitating opportunities for minority owned businesses. If you are ready for change, are interested in innovative enterprises and want to be a part of the solution, I want to hear from you.